Bourget Foundation

dr bourget in the operatory
For years, the Bourget foundation, through its medical/dental and educational banner, has been involved in helping in the developing world. For the past 8 years, the foundation has been concentrating its effort to the Africa project, in the country of Benin.
In an effort to help with our medical/Dental expertise, and with our Brazilian chapter, and Sister Doctor Monique Bourget, we have been sending medical/dental missions to Zinvie a small village in Benin, Africa. We have been able to increase surgical procedures to ten times more than what has been done in the past. With many donations from many local Canadian hospitals, we have been able to send unused materials, through containers, which helps aide in the development of African Hospitals.
Dr. Bourget, as an OMS surgeon is the founder, and head of missions continues to be involved not only participating in the surgical aspect but also making sure the highest standards are obtained.  Dr. Bourget will help with cleft lip and palates, facial and neck surgery and be part of a team of surgeons which includes neurosurgeons, plastics, General and ENT Surgeons. Our missions involve sending health professionals which include but not limiting to: anesthesiologists, pediatric surgeon, Gynecologist, nurses, facial surgeon, plastic surgeons, pharmacists, Dentist, LPN, financial managers, coordinators as well as volunteers helping to arrange hospital Central supplies with the material send through the foundation.
This small step not only helps the immediate area but also the entire country with the establishment of surgical protocols, new techniques and care of the sick and injured. We have been working with the African government to implement meaningful changes. 

Group photo holding banner