Service Dog

Finley the service dogDear patients,
I’m delighted to introduce you to someone truly special who has become a part of our medical team. Meet our newest addition, a Medical Scent cortisol In Training detection service dog,  Finley!
We understand that navigating healthcare can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when dealing with conditions that involve stress and anxiety that often occurs before a medical/dental surgical service. That’s why we’ve brought in Finley; an IN TRAINING, incredibly intuitive furry friend who has a unique ability to start detecting cortisol levels in individuals. He was born on April 23, 2023 and in training since he was 12 weeks old.  For this task and training, he was hand-picked at 47 days old to have the right psychological and personality profile, and his training will take up to 2 years, completing it in 2025.
Cortisol, as you may already know, is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that plays a vital role in various bodily functions. It’s levels can fluctuate, especially in patients with conditions such as Addison’s disease, but in our office, through anxiety and stress. It is well know scientifically that if we are able to decrease pre op anxiety or high cortisol level the surgical outcome will be improved. At the end of his training, Finley will have been trained to detect these fluctuations through their remarkable sense of smell, making him an invaluable asset in our pursuit of providing you with the best care possible.
With their exceptional training and keen senses, dogs like Finley can help us gather valuable information about your cortisol levels quickly and non-invasively. Their presence alone can also provide emotional support, as we know the importance of having a friendly face during medical procedures.
Rest assured that Finley will not only be well-trained but also certified to work in healthcare environments. He will undergo rigorous training and has been specifically selected for his calm and friendly nature. His main goal is to make your experience as pleasant as possible while aiding our medical staff in providing accurate and efficient care.
We hope that Finley’s presence will bring a smile to your face and offer a sense of comfort during your appointments. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Finley or your treatment, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to support you every step of the way.
If Finley comes and sees you, that’s great, you may gently pat him and talk with him. He will be happy to stay with you or, if duty calls, he will go see someone else.